Does Your Pet Shed All Year Long?

Does Your Pet Shed All Year Long

Shedding is a normal physiological phenomenon of the body. Many breeds of dogs and cats are seasonal shedders—growing a thick coat during the cold months of the year and shedding off their winter coat as the weather turns warmer during spring and summer. It is during these times that pet owners have to deal with lots of fur around the house. However, many pet owners also have to deal with shedding all year long because they have unknowingly created an artificial climate inside their homes. Increasing the indoor heat during winter so the house stays warm; air conditioning during summer can wreak havoc on the systems of pets. In these situations, shedding is a way of compensating for the constant change in indoor and outdoor climates in dogs and cats.

Houses that also receive lots of sunlight even during winter can heat up a pet’s body quite a bit as they bask in the sun. This may trick their system into thinking warm days of summer are approaching, thus there is shedding even in the dead of winter.

Having a good air filtration system can help deal with stray hairs. Daily brushing will also help get rid of loose hairs before they fall to the carpet. You can also ask your vet for advice on how to deal with your pet’s shedding. Check out this site for more pet care information.


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