Hair Loss In Pet Rabbits

Hair Loss In Pet Rabbits

There are four important causes of hair loss or ‘alopecia’ in rabbits. These include infestation of fur mites, ringworm, sebaceous adenitis, and behaviorally-induced alopecia.


This common skin problem is caused by a fungus and affects different pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, and even humans. The causative agent grows within the outer layer of the skin and hair. It is not very common among adult rabbits; a higher number of cases are found in young rabbits because of their immature immune system. Since humans can get ringworm from pets, you should wear gloves when handling a pet that is suffering from the infection. Aside from appropriate antifungal treatment recommended by your veterinarian, the rabbit’s enclosure must be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly.

Fur mites

Fur mite infestation is often characterized by areas which are scaly and dry. There may also be patchy bald areas over the rabbit’s neck, abdomen, trunk, and hind end.


Barbering is behaviorally-induced, and happens when a dominant rabbit pulls on the fur of a subordinate. It can also be self-induced, especially if the animal has been on a low-fiber diet, or as a result of overcrowding.

Sebaceous Adenitis

It is a scaly, flaky form of dermatitis that usually starts around the face. Affected rabbits often have bald areas throughout its body.

Bring your pet rabbit to the vet for proper diagnosis and treatment. Here’s more information about pets and their care on this website.


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