Disposal of Cat Litter

Disposal of Cat Litter

Cat litter should be disposed of in a proper manner because it is a potential source of parasites and pathogenic microorganisms. They can also become breeding grounds for flies and other insects. The best method for disposing of cat litter is one that is hygienic, safe, and effective.

The type of litter that is being used is also an important factor to consider when choosing the safest and easiest way to dispose of it.

Proper litter disposal involves the use of a litter scoop and small plastic bags. Make sure to use a surgical mask to protect yourself from inhaling litter dust and other particles that become airborne while cleaning the litter box.

Once the clumped litter bits have been scooped and placed in plastic bags, seal each bag tightly. Weekly cleaning routine of the litter box involves removing all the litter from the box and disposing of it properly. The box is then cleaned thoroughly with water, soap, and diluted chlorine bleach.

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