Hair Coat Problems in Cats

Hair Coat Problems in Cats

Cats can also suffer from hair coat problems as a consequence of poor nutrition, or of illness. Two of the most common problems are hair loss and a dull, unkempt hair coat.

Hair loss in cats can be caused by several factors. It should be treated as a distinct phenomenon to hair shedding, which is a physiological function of the body. Cats usually shed their heavy winter coat as the weather gets warmer during spring. However when there is excessive hair loss even when it is not shedding season, it may be caused by a health problem such as stress, allergies, and hyperthyroidism.

Essential nutrients are necessary to maintain the health and integrity of the hair coat. An unhealthy hair coat reflects a cat’s overall health. Check your pet’s diet and see if it contains adequate quantities of nutrients that help maintain the health of the hair coat. If it is lacking, you should switch your pet’s food to a better one. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are also essential in promoting a healthy skin and fur.

Since hair loss may be caused by a health problem, it is best to bring your kitty to your veterinary clinic for examination and veterinary attention. Find out more pet care information here.


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