Potty Accidents – Here’s One Important Trigger Factor

Even with proper housetraining, potty accidents are bound to happen, and every pet owner should be ready to deal with one properly. There are various important factors that contribute to the occurrence of potty accidents.

One common trigger factor is a crate that is spacious enough to allow a puppy to designate one end as the living quarter and the other end as the potty area. Dogs don’t like to urinate and defecate near where they eat or sleep, so if the cage is big enough to divide into ‘rooms’, the animal won’t feel the need to go somewhere else to do his thing.

If you have bought a crate that is too large for your pup, you can install a barrier or adjust its side to limit the space where your puppy is in. The space should be spacious enough for your pet to stand up, rotate, and stretch.

Aside from socialization, bringing your pet to a veterinary clinic for regular check-ups will ensure that your puppy will grow up healthy and well-behaved. For more information, visit this website.


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