Top Mistakes Made by Cat Owners

Top Mistakes Made by Cat Owners

Bringing home a pet means you have already taken time to consider carefully several important issues such as the pet’s basic needs and your commitment to meet these needs for the animal’s entire lifetime. However, many cats end up in shelters because their owners abandoned them. These owners suddenly realized they are unable to meet their pet’s needs and are overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for a pet.

Here are some common mistakes committed by some cat owners:

  • A cat should not be considered as a thing to be owned. A new kitty should be treated as a new member of the family and should be treated as such.
  • Cats will always engage in scratching because it is a normal feline behavior. To protect your things from your cat’s sharp claws, install scratching posts and cat trees. As much as possible, never make the decision to have your pet declawed because this is a permanent procedure that leaves a cat suffering from intense pain for weeks.

You should seek professional help from a veterinary clinic if you have any concerns about your pet’s care and wellbeing. Check out this website to know more.


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