A Balanced Diet For Your Pet Cat

A Balanced Diet For Your Pet Cat

Cats need a nutritionally balanced diet in order to thrive well. These furballs can be finicky eaters; being obligate carnivores, there is a need to ensure that they get adequate amounts of protein from animal sources in their diet.

When it comes to your pet’s daily ration, ‘how much’ is just as important as ‘what’ your kitty eats. Many cat parents often make the mistake of feeding their kitty much more than what they really need. In fact, obesity has become an epidemic among the cat population especially in well-developed countries. Pet obesity has been shown to increase an animal’s chances of developing diabetes, heart disease, joint problems, and liver disease.

The amount of food your kitty needs to avoid piling on excess pounds depends upon several factors, thus it is important to get your veterinarian’s recommendation. Generally, a caloric intake of 25-30 calories per pound of body weight per day is adequate for most cats.

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