Creating an Ideal Enclosure For Your Pet Snake

Creating an Ideal Enclosure For Your Pet Snake

Once you know what type of snake you will have, choose a terrarium based on his needs. With so many types of terrariums in pet stores, having an idea of what you are looking for can save time, and of course, money.

After you have picked a terrarium, the next step is to select substrate materials. These are the ones that line the tank’s bottom. You can choose from sand, gravel, or mulch, whichever closely duplicates the animal’s natural habitat. You can also use several layers of newsprint for the purpose. These are relatively cheaper and easier to clean and dry. You should also put in some rocks, branches, and vines to create the best artificial environment for your pet snake.

A snake enclosure should also have a hidey-home where the snake can feel safe enough to rest and relax. It can be made of rock or some cardboard and should be spacious enough to allow the snake to fit under.

Know more about your pet snake’s housing needs by asking your vet.


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