Should You Get A Male Or Female Ferret?

Should You Get A Male Or Female Ferret

If you cannot decide between a male or female ferret, here are some differences between the sexes that may help you pick the right one that can be a perfect fit for your lifestyle.


Females are smaller than males; the difference in their sizes can reach up to a kilogram. You will have an idea of your pet ferret’s adult size by checking out the parents.

Cost of De-Sexing

Both male and female ferrets need to be de-sexed. Intact females can suffer from aplastic anemia because when they undergo heat, they stay in estrus until mated. On the other hand, intact males can become territorially aggressive and may engage in spray marking especially during mating season. Male ferrets may also fight. Spaying of female ferrets is much more costly and complicated than neutering males. De-sexing is also thought to reduce the scent problem significantly in both species.

Ask your vet for more information about caring for a ferret.


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