Keeping Your Bird Safe Outside

pet care

Birds are naturally intelligent and inquisitive creatures that can easily become bored when cooped up inside. Provide your feathered friend with a little outdoor playtime to keep him stimulated! Just make sure you follow these safety tips when you step foot outside your front door.

If you decide to venture outside with your bird, make sure you only go outside during the day. Avoid dawn and dusk. Not only are predators most likely to be lurking, but mosquitoes are most active during those times too. Because your feathered friend is likely to get sleepy as soon as the sun goes down, you should also avoid nighttime excursions.

Let your bird spend prolonged periods of time outside by bringing his entire cage outdoors with him. Not only will this allow him to get some sunshine and fresh air, but it will also keep him from ingesting toxins that could be lurking in treated lawns and gardens. Some cages are even constructed for this purpose with rolling casters and waterproof wire bars. Your veterinarian can provide you with product recommendations.

No matter how you choose to let your bird spend time outside, make sure that you’re always near. If your pet is in a cage, you may not have to provide direct supervision, but position yourself close anyway. By being present, you’ll likely scare off potential predators, like hawks and neighborhood cats.

You can also bring your bird outside without a cage, as long as you take the necessary precautions to make sure that your pet can’t get away. Flight suits are available in a variety of sizes and can easily be hooked up to a leash. That way, your feathered friend can stretch his wings without the ability to get away. However, the best way to ensure that he can’t fly away is to have his wings clipped. If you aren’t sure how to clip his wings, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.

Birds can easily overheat, so try and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Place a cover over the cage or stay in the shade. Because the outdoor temperature is likely to be warmer than the temperature inside, provide your avian friend with plenty of water and check his water bowl often. You can even consider placing a small bath in the cage while outside for a little extra fun!

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