Ferrets Don’t Have to Be Stinky – Dealing with Pet Odor

Ferrets Don't Have to Be Stinky – Dealing with Pet Odor

Ferrets make a great addition to any family. Their unique personalities and playful demeanor are sure to brighten anyone’s day. Unfortunately, these critters are also known for being smelly, but there’s no reason to kick them to the curb just yet! Here are some tips from a veterinary clinic about some of the best ways to control pet odor.

Keep the cage clean

Although it seems obvious, keeping the cage clean is absolutely essential when it comes to controlling ferret odor. First, make sure that you thoroughly clean the cage once a week. This includes replacing all the bedding and scrubbing all the cage accessories, including the litter box, with soap and water. Although it may seem like a huge job, it is important if you want your pets’ area to stay fresh.

Ferrets are notoriously messy when it comes to using the litter box. No matter how many pets you have together in one cage, you should scoop each litter box at least once a day. If the litter boxes get messy very quickly, you may have to consider changing out the litter every day instead.

Keeping your furry friends clean

The cage is usually the main culprit when it comes to stinky odors, but some of those smells can actually come directly from your ferrets. These weasels have a natural odor that many owners find unpleasant. Your reaction may be to bathe your pets more often, but this is actually a bad idea. By frequently removing their natural oils, you dry out the skin, which causes your furry friends to secrete even more of the stench you were trying to get rid of. Instead, only bathe your critters once every two or three months.

Fur isn’t the only thing that can harbor nasty smells. Make sure you clean out your ferrets’ ears regularly, as the earwax can quickly build up, causing the ears to stink. You should also keep a close eye on your pets’ mouths. They need dental care just like you do! If you don’t brush their teeth or provide them with dental treats, plaque and tartar are sure to build up, causing foul odors.

If your ferrets are still smelly, even after following these tips, call your local veterinary clinic. They may be able to determine a medical cause for your pets’ unpleasant odor.


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