The Importance of Socializing Your Rabbit

The Importance of Socializing Your Rabbit1

If you want your rabbit to be friendly, socialization is extremely important. Because bunnies are a prey animal, they are easily frightened, which can make getting to know your new furry friend difficult. Fortunately, all your pet needs is a little socialization!

The right way to hold your bunny

It all starts with holding your rabbit the right way. Never pick up your bunny by the ears or with one hand. Instead, make sure you support the front and back end of your pet by placing one hand under the front legs and your other hand under the back legs. Then, gently cradle him near your chest with one hand so you can pet him with the other.

If your rabbit hasn’t had any socialization at all, or if he’s been abused, he may not allow you to hold him. In this case, the first step to socializing your bunny is to simply spend time with him while he’s safely tucked away inside his cage. After he gets used to your presence, you can try and pick him up.

If you worry that your rabbit’s bad behavior has a medical cause, make sure that you schedule an appointment with your vet.

Exposing your rabbit to other people

Part of proper socialization is making sure your pet gets to spend time with many other people. Ask friends and family to come over so they can pet and hold your bunny. It is also helpful if you have children handle your furry friend too. Just make sure they understand that rough housing is not a good idea, as rabbits prefer a gentle touch.

Introducing rabbits to each other

Rabbits are social creatures, which means they are happiest when allowed to live with others of their own kind. Unfortunately, socializing your bunny to others is sometimes easier said than done. Make sure that you never house two males together, unless they have both been neutered. Females can live together in harmony with both males and other females.

Start by socializing your bunnies together in a neutral environment. Once they are comfortable with each other, you can place them in the same cage together.

Still having trouble socializing your rabbit? Your vet can provide you with additional pet’s care tips and tricks.


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