Tips for Keeping Your Bird Perfectly Preened

Tips for Keeping Your Bird Perfectly Preened

Whether you have a dog, a cat, or a bird, grooming is always extremely important. Unfortunately, knowing how to keep your feathered friend perfectly preened is a bit more difficult than it is with other, more common household pets. Here are some tips from a veterinarian on how to keep your parrot looking handsome and clean.

Bathing your bird

Birds needs baths too! However, giving your feathered friend a bath is going to look very different than giving your furry friend one. Parrots rely on the natural oils in their skin to keep their feathers healthy, so it is extremely important that you do not use any shampoos or detergents on your pet. Using plain water is enough to keep him clean.

Bath time can get very interesting with a bird around. Many avian breeds like to take a dip in shallow pools of water. To assist your feathered friend with a little swim, put a few inches of water in the kitchen sink. You can also take a shower together! Some breeds really love the way falling water feels. Using a spray bottle to mist your pet is a great idea as well.

Trimming the nails

Unfortunately, toenails can get a bit unruly for a bird that’s tucked away inside a cage, which means you’ll likely have to clip your avian friend’s nails from time to time. To reduce fear, leave the clippers out and allow your parrot to inspect them frequently. You can also train him to stick out his foot for easy clipping.

Don’t want to trim your bird’s nails all the time? Consider purchasing a rough perch at the pet store. It will help grind down your parrot’s nails naturally.

Grooming the beak

Some parrot species are prone to flaky, overgrown beaks. To help keep your pet’s beak neat and trim, hang a cuttlebone in his cage. This hard substance provides your bird with calcium, but it can also help grind down the beak.

If you worry that your bird’s snout is getting out of hand, it can be trimmed, but it’s best to consult a professional. If you want to schedule an appointment, or if you have other questions about keeping your pet neat and clean, call your local veterinarian.


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