Have A Flea-Free Home

As brought home by my dog!

As brought home by my dog!

Fleas are ubiquitous external parasites of dogs and cats, but they can also infest humans, causing intense itching and scratching. These parasites can reproduce aggressively and can survive in almost any condition.

If you seem to be fighting a losing battle against fleas in your home, here are some great ways to get rid of these pesky parasites and keep your home flea-free:

  • Know how to distinguish signs of flea bites.
  • Understand the lifecycle of fleas so you will know at what stage they are most vulnerable.
  • Pets should be examined regularly for fleas. Run a flea comb through your dog’s hair frequently to spot any fleas. Take a proactive approach to flea prevention and don’t wait until your pet starts scratching himself. Preventive care should be a year-long program.
  • Ask your vet for medications that will target all stages of the parasite’s life cycle.

Consult with your animal hospital about the best flea medication for your pet. Click on this link for more pet care tips.


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