Senior Cats Cat Be Prone to Litter Problems

Persian Cat sniffing litter box

Persian Cat sniffing litter box

As their body starts to deteriorate from years of use and misuse, senior cats tend to commit litter box problems even if they have no potty issues while still young. While this is not a distinct behavior problem in senior cats, knowing what your pet may be experiencing will help you deal with any issues successfully.

  • Seniors cats are more particular about doing their business in a clean and odor-free litter box. Remember that cats have a keen sense of smell and what may seem odor-free to you may still be met with disapproval.
  • Litter boxes must be placed in out-of-the way areas in the home because senior cats like to do their thing in private.
  • Avoid switching litter box fillers once you have found one your kitty loves.
  • Most senior cats are unable to hold in their pee for considerably long periods of time because they start to lose bladder tone. Having more litter boxes around the house will help ensure your kitty won’t have to walk from one room to another in order to do his thing.

Older cats are prone to certain age-related diseases thus be sure to have your senior cat regularly checked by a veterinarian. For more information, check out this link.


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