Things Cat Hate Most

Things Cat Hate Most

When you want to know how your kitty is feeling, take a closer look at his body language. Cats are known for being highly tolerant to pain or discomfort thus certain behaviors may provide valuable information about your pet’s peeves.

Poorly Maintained Litter Box

Cats are finicky creatures and hate litter boxes that are poorly maintained. If your cat finds the litter box dirty and stinky, he may choose to do his business somewhere else.

Spoiled Food or Cold Food

Cats generally hate the smell of spoiled food; eating it is also unhealthy for cats. To prevent canned food from spoiling, never left it out longer than 20 minutes. Once you have opened the canned food, divide it up in several containers and place them in the refrigerator. Make sure to heat the food to body temperature so your kitty will find it more appealing.

Know more about your pet’s needs by visiting your veterinarian. Check out this link.


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