Dogs Have Aging Issues, Too

Dogs Have Aging Issues, Too

Aging is natural in the cycle of life. Our pets, too, have their share of the phenomenon called aging. So, how can we tell that our dog is already aging or that it is beginning to show signs of aging?

Decline in Activity

When joints and muscles start to deteriorate and faces functionality decline, your pets activity will typically slow down.

Uncontrolled Weight Gain

You may be feeding your dog with its usual diet and yet you will notice obvious gain in weight.

Hearing loss and getting stubborn

The pet may have been so alert and responsive in the past yet, but this time he needs more prodding and encouraging to get off his favorite spot on the couch or to do something that he loves doing in the past.

Inactivity and immobility

Your pet seems to start loving the rug or his doggie bed, spending most of the time resting or sleeping. He may not like getting up and moving around, making you think he may be ill.

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