Feeding Tips for Kittens

A kitten eating its food out of a blue bowl

A kitten eating its food out of a blue bowl

Kittens benefit from a nutritionally balanced diet. Understanding why cats have different nutritional needs from dogs will help pet owners meet their pet’s needs adequately.

Being true carnivores, cats should only have a meat-based diet. Meat contains essential amino acids that cats are unable to synthesize in their body because they don’t have enzymes to convert plant-based protein into essential amino acids. Thus, cats won’t thrive when placed on a purely vegan diet.

Since they are rapidly growing, kittens require higher energy in their diet. Adult cats only need at least 26% and 9% fat in their daily ration. Without proper nutrition, a kitten can suffer from nutritional deficiencies and stunted growth. When picking pet food for your kitten, choose one that is formulated for their lifestage; they should be placed on a this ration until they are about one year of age.

Talking to your vet will help ensure your kitten is receiving the right amount and type of pet food. Check out this website for more pet care tips.


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