Reasons Cats Get Very Noisy

Reasons Cats Get Very Noisy

Pets have personalities, too. Some are typically quiet and timid, while others are loud and daring. Do not get anxious if you happen to have a noisy cat or when suddenly your cat gets to be extra vocal.

Cats are like humans, and they also need avenues to express their feelings. They vocalize their anxieties, pains, fears, happiness, excitement, and even animosity.

Here are a few pet’s care tips to help you identify what your kitty is trying to convey:

Health problem

A usually quiet cat that suddenly launches into noisy tirades can be suffering from a health problem. A visit to the vet can help identify the cause so proper treatment can be given immediately.

It is feeding time

Cats are creatures of habit. So when your kitty suddenly begins to vocalize loudly, check your watch. Perhaps it is time to feed him.

Your pet wants your attention

Cats love to curl up on your lap or next to you. When you get busy and your kitty wants your attention, he may start vocalizing.

Mating Season

A female cat may vocalize loudly to attract potential mates.


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