An Enclosure For Your Pet Hedgehog

An Enclosure For Your Pet Hedgehog

Hedgehogs need to have a cage with solid flooring because their sensitive feet can easily get injured when you pet owners use wired flooring. They also thrive in a spacious enclosure where they can chase and play with other hedgehogs to their hearts’ content. Some toys and furniture especially for hedgehogs will provide them with hours of physical and mental stimulation.

African Pygmies are the most common hedgehog pets around. During winter, heating pads are usually placed under their cage to keep them warm and comfortable. Since they love to burrow, a thick layer of substrate inside their enclosure will allow them to engage in their favorite activity. You can also hide some of their favorite food inside the cage and give them hours of fun searching for these tasty treats.

Be sure to bring your pet hedgehog to your vet for health checks. Visit this website for more information.


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