Can Ferrets Be Housed With Other Animal Species?

Can Ferrets Be Housed With Other Animal Species

Although a ferret can be housed with another ferret or two, placing a ferret in the same enclosure with another type of pet will need to be considered thoroughly. Being natural predators in the wild, pet ferrets still possess strong predator instincts.

When housed with a small animal, the ferret may consider it fair game. There have been unfortunate instances when kittens and other small pets were killed by pet ferrets.

There is always a certain level of risk when you choose to keep your pet ferret with another species of pet in the same cage. If they are about the same size, the threat may be reduced. It is also a challenge to introduce a ferret to another species, and will require close supervision.

Ask your veterinarian for more information about caring for ferrets. Check out this website for more pet care tips.


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