Does Your Kitty Have A Poor Appetite?

Does Your Kitty Have A Poor Appetite

Some cats are really born to be finicky eaters; however, there are instances when poor appetite indicates a health problem. You must remember that a cat can suffer from serious liver problems without sufficient intake of food even for a few days.

Once you notice the change in your kitty’s appetite, you should make the effort to encourage him to eat. If it’s a new diet, check the list of ingredients, for his body may be hypersensitive or intolerant to any of the ingredients.

Some cats also develop an aversion to specific types of food, especially ones that they have negative experiences in the past, such as being forced fed with a particular food when sick, or when he has been on a particular product for a considerably long period of time.

For more information about your cat’s dietary needs visit a veterinary clinic. Check out this website.


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