How To Give Your Kitty A Bath

How To Give Your Kitty A Bath

Cats can still benefit from an occasional bath even with their fastidious grooming habits. It is amazing how cats are able to keep themselves clean without a daily bath. Most cats fear water and can be squirmy when given a bath, especially if they are not used to the procedure while still very young. But most cats do not need to have a bath to be clean, but sometimes bathing may be recommended to address parasite infestations and health concerns. Bathing can also reduce cat dander, which is important for many allergy sufferers.

Here are steps to follow when bathing your kitty:

  • Pour warm water to a bowl. Test the temperature. It should be warm enough to avoid scalding. Warm water will help calm your pet.
  • Gently and firmly hold the cat as you wet his body; using a hand nozzle will allow you to control the amount of water.
  • When shampooing, use a mild shampoo and do not include the face; gently massage in the shampoo, carefully avoiding the cat’s face.
  • Rinse off and wrap your cat with a large towel right away to keep it warm and dry.

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