Protecting Your Pet From Flies

Protecting Your Pet From Flies

Swarm of flies during the warm days of summer and spring can be bothersome for pets and pet owners alike. Many dogs that sleep outside can also end up with bites on their ears. Flies also carry bacteria that can be potential causes of illness.

So how can you stop flies from bothering you and your pet?

  • Keep your environment clean at all times. Flies are attracted to decaying organic matter and fecal material, so always pick up and clean after your pet.
  • Install fly traps and screens. You and your dog will greatly benefit from well-maintained screens in your home. Fly traps should be changed regularly and disposed of accordingly.
  • Avoid leaving foods in the open. Leftover food attracts flies, so dispose of any leftover food from your pet’s food bowl after he has finished eating.
  • Use deodorizers and sanitizers in cleaning your pet’s bedding. Though feces and urine may have been removed, their smell can still linger.

If you want to know more details about pet’s health, click on given link.


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