Reptiles Won’t Make Excellent Pets for Small Kids

Reptiles Won’t Make Excellent Pets for Small Kids

Reptiles require specialized care thus kids will find it hard to meet these particular needs, not to mention the possible health risks linked to close association with reptiles. Many cases of Salmonella outbreaks have been traced back to handling of pet reptiles, coupled with poor hygiene and sanitation. Children under 5 years of age should never be allowed to handle any type of pet reptiles.

As for older kids, they should be taught about reptile behavior and the unique needs of the species before they can have a pet reptile. Since most reptiles have long lifespans, about 10-20 years, potential pet owners should ask themselves whether they are committed to meeting its needs for the animal’s entire lifetime.

If an older child is ready to care for a pet reptile, you should supervise and be ready to help with the cleaning of food, water bowls, and enclosure, feeding and change of drinking water, and regular monitoring of the lighting, humidity, and temperature of the enclosure.

Your pet will also need annual veterinary exams as prescribed by your vet. Here’s more information on this website


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