Toys For Pet Cats

Toys For Pet Cats

Cats are generally playful. They love to chase balls and a toy mouse dangling on a cord. However, it is a fact that many pet cats live lazy and sedentary lives. They don’t have to hunt for food because it is offered to them on a ‘silver platter’, so to speak. They spend most of their days sleeping on their favorite spot, lounging on the couch, or basking on their perch by the window.

Pet cats need adequate physical and mental stimulation to get them off the couch, burn the calories, and prevent them from being bored. You don’t have to buy expensive toys for your kitty. There are many things that you can recycle at home.

  • Cardboard boxes with cut-out holes of different sizes. Cats would love to peek and put their paws through the holes.
  • Colorful ping pong balls. They are lightweight and easily roll and move each time the cat tries to reach for it. Catching or running after the ball is good exercise.
  • Crumpled paper or old socks rolled and formed into balls. Tying a small bell to the socks will further pique your kitty’s interest.

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