Anxious Cats

Anxious Cats

There are various causes of anxiety in cats. In order to pinpoint the specific cause and address it properly, there is a need for a pet owner to observe his cat’s behavior.

One significant trigger factor for anxiety in cats is exposure to specific stressors in the environment. Cats that underwent proper socialization while still very young are able to deal better with stress than those that did not receive adequate socialization. Heredity has also been observed to exert a big influence on how cats react to stressors.

Some important stressors include climate, overcrowding, competing with other cats for food, litter box, attention, and even living space.

Anxious cats usually display typical behaviors including hiding, excessive vocalization, litter box problems, spray marking, persistent scratching, and obsessive grooming.

You should consult with your vet in dealing with any aggressive pet behavior. Check out this website to know more.


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