Does Your Cat Suffer From Cognitive Dysfunction?

Scratching White Cat with Pink Nose

Scratching White Cat with Pink Nose

Decline in mental function may also be experienced by cats as they age. While you cannot stop the process, you can take a proactive approach to help your senior cat maintain good mental function, and hinder the onset and development of cognitive degeneration.


Your senior kitty needs a nutritionally balanced diet which is appropriate for his lifestage. Ask your veterinarian for nutritional supplements that will help reduce or retard the effects of the aging process.

Physical Activity

Design a fitness regimen appropriate for your senior pet. Remember that he is not as active as he once was, and excessive physical exertion may stress him out.

Mental Stimulation

Enriching your pet’s environment will stimulate his senses especially his mental function. Activities or toys that stimulate the brain can help improve mental ability and possibly slow down the decline of cognitive function.


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