Older Cats Are Prone To Dental Problems

Older Cats Are Prone To Dental Problems

Diseases of the gum and teeth are common in cats of all ages, particularly in older cats. Most of these conditions are accompanied by pain, which can negatively impact the animal’s quality of life. Oral pain can also lead to poor appetite and consequent weight loss.

Regular dental visits to the vet and a good home dental care regimen are very important to maintain healthy teeth and gums. These are also essential for pets which have been diagnosed with heart disease, kidney failure, and diabetes.

A cat is usually placed under general anesthesia during dental cleanings because it would be impossible to do a thorough oral exam and cleaning on a kitty that is awake. The procedure is also extremely stressful for your pet.

Some pet owners have reservations about having their senior pets undergo anesthesia, but this is a very common misconception belief among pet owners. As long as your kitty is healthy, his age won’t really increase the risk of complications associated with anesthesia. This is especially true if your vet is equipped with the latest anesthetic monitoring equipment, and uses proper anesthesia protocols.


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