Pet Birds Like A Colorful Diet

Pet Birds Like A Colorful Diet

More and more people are keeping tropical birds as pets because of their colorful appearance. The intensely bright colors of their plumage are influenced by specific pigments that they get from their diet. One important pigment is the carotenoid group, which includes red, yellow, and orange pigments. Plants are rich sources of carotenoids and should be a part of your pet’s diet.

Other pigments that influence the color of the feathers are canthaxanthin and beta carotene (a precursor of vitamin A). Fresh ripe pineapple and carrots are excellent sources of beta carotene.

Generally, the more colorful their diet is, the more attractive will be the color of their feathers. Adequate intake of pigments from the diet will further enhance the hue and vividness of the colors. This is a very good reason to give your pet bird a colorful mixture of fruits and vegetables every day.

For more information about your pet bird’s dietary needs visit a veterinary clinic, check out this website.


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