Puppy Behavior – Playing or Aggression?

Puppy Behavior – Playing or Aggression

Knowing how to distinguish between a puppy that is playful and one that is displaying aggressive behavior is very important to prevent any unfortunate incidents. A friendly puppy plays by assuming a typical stance –his head and front body lowered and rear end raised. He may be wagging his tail endlessly while making high-pitched sounds as he approaches. He might also dash back and forth while you give him your attention.

On the other hand, an aggressive puppy will stand still, stare you down, and growl threateningly. Dogs display aggressive behavior in response to fear, confusion, or unpleasant stimulus. In a way, aggression is usually displayed in specific situations and not spur-of-the moment.

Bring your pup to your veterinarian if you have any concerns about his behavior. Prepare to be asked questions about your pup’s behavior so your vet can help you pinpoint possible causes and interventions.

For more information about this topic, you can click here.


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