Warning Signs of Illness in Pet Birds

Warning Signs of Illness in Pet Birds

Pet owners should make an effort to learn to recognize important signs of health problems manifested by their feathered friends. Catching the problem at the early stages will help safeguard a pet’s health and wellbeing.

Monitor your pet’s weight. It is an important parameter for evaluating a pet’s condition. You can ask your veterinarian what the bird’s ideal weight should be. Make sure to weigh your pet bird regularly because even a few grams off or in excess can have a significant impact on its health.

The keel (breastbone) can also tell a tale about your pet’s weight. A keel that’s too prominent generally indicates an underweight bird, while a keel that can hardly be felt through the muscles and fats usually belong to an overweight bird.

When viewing your pet bird from a distance, fatty deposits underneath the skin gives the feathers an uneven appearance.

Asking assistance from your vet will also go a long way in addressing any health problem of your pet bird. Click on this link to know more about your pet’s needs and set an appointment.


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