Great Fitness Workouts For Your Kitty

Great Fitness Workouts For Your Kitty

Cats benefit from a good fitness workout, just like dogs and humans do. Scientific studies have increasingly pointed out the importance of regular and adequate exercise in cats. As a responsible pet owner, it is your job to provide for your pet’s needs including a nutritionally balanced diet and regular physical and mental stimulation.

Dogs are always eager for a romp in the park or a walk around the neighborhood; however cats need some extra push in order to exercise. Getting your cat to exercise requires your creativity and resourcefulness. The following exercise tips can be of help:

  • Finding an exercise partner – having an exercise buddy will certainly make it more fun. If your kitty is left alone during the day, why not consider bringing home another cat so they can keep each other company.
  • Choose appropriate toys. Multiple-tiered cat towers will feed your pet’s natural instinct to climb and explore.
  • Have fun with lights and lasers. Your cat will certainly have a good workout chasing after the beam.

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