Healthy Rabbits – Basic Care Guide

Girl with Baby Rabbit

The responsibilities involved in taking care of pet rabbits can be daunting especially for novice owners. Rabbits, like other pets, have their own distinct needs.

Dental Care

A rabbit’s teeth need special dental care because, like most rodents, their teeth continue to grow throughout their life. They need to chew on hay or grass to keep their teeth well-trimmed, they should always have a steady supply of fresh grass or hay that they can chew on anytime. The fiber is also good for their digestive system.

Preventing injury

Rabbits are very cuddly. Children love to chase, play with, or cuddle with their pet rabbits. But without proper supervision, your bunnies can get hurt or injured. This is the reason why rabbits don’t make ideal pets for very small kids.


Rabbits need to be placed in a crate or carrier to keep them safe and comfortable during trips to the vet or the groomers.


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