Keeping Your Pet Snug During A Storm

Keeping Your Pet Snug During A Storm

Some pets have a fear of thunderstorms. You may see your pet behaving nervously as a storm is approaching. The sound of rolling thunder and flashes of lighting can cause fearful dogs to seek hiding places or even howl uncontrollably.

Here are some ways to deal with your pet’s phobia:

Place your pet in a room where the sounds of the thunderstorm are quite muffled.

Since a crate is often viewed by a many crate-trained pets as a place of refuge, make sure to place the crate in a spot that can easily be accessible to your nervous pet. The crate should contain your pet’s blanket, some toys, and a favorite treat or two.

You can also turn on the volume of the TV or music to drown out the sounds of the raging storm outside.

Extreme cases of thunderstorm phobia are often dealt with by a process of desensitization.

Ask your vet regarding important pet issues. You can get more information here.


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