Reap The Benefits Of Owning A Feathered Friend

Reap The Benefits Of Owning A Feathered Friend

Some people choose to own a feathered pet over a cat or dog. Birds are adorable and intelligent companions. Their cheerfulness is contagious and it has been shown to exert a mood-boosting effect on their owners. Some bird owners have claimed to have been happier since they began having birds as pets.

Compared to other pets, birds have longer life spans. This gives you a chance to have a longer positive relationship and an opportunity to keep great company for many long years. Some bird species even outlive their owners.

Keeping birds as your pets encourages regular interaction. Parrots, for example, can learn how to speak or imitate words from their owners. But learning how to speak can only be facilitated if the owner spends time with his pet. Thus, social interaction and communication are enhanced.

For those who have a nurturing nature, having a pet bird will be a bonus. A bird needs lot of care and nurture. Studies suggest that as pet birds get to know their owners, they are able to understand their owner’s thoughts and feelings. You will surely feel loved and never alone. Daily interaction with your pet bird can no doubt be a stress-buster.


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