Caring For Your Pet After Vaccination

Caring For Your Pet After Vaccination

Vaccination is important in protecting pet dogs and cats from becoming seriously ill. Most pets don’t need any special care after vaccination, showing no obvious adverse reactions and go about their activities normally.

However, there are some pets that exhibit a mild response and may appear ‘off-color’ for a day or two after being vaccinated. You may notice your pet cat or dog just lying around and don’t have much appetite. Some don’t want to be handled especially near the injection site, which may be sore or tender. This is generally considered a normal reaction.

Here are tips for vaccination after-care of pets:

  • Let your pet rest in a warm and comfortable place. However, be sure to keep an eye on him.
  • A loss of appetite is expected but make sure your pet has access to his favorite food and fresh clean water.
  • Avoid playing with your pet as he may want to be left alone. He will come to you when he wants your attention.

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