Deafness In Cats

Deafness In Cats

Deafness in cats is caused by various reasons. Some cats are born deaf, while there are those that develop hearing problems after an illness or during their senior years. Deaf cats can still lead a normal and happy life with their owners’ full support coupled with some adjustments to their immediate environment and daily routine.

Most cats have better hearing than humans, so if your kitty seems unable to perceive sounds that you can easily hear, your pet may be suffering from hearing problems. Some common signs of deafness that you should watch out for include:

  • Not responding to loud noises or when his name is being called
  • Does not notice your arrival inside the house
  • Remains fast asleep even when there are loud noises, such as a door banging or someone walking past him while he sleeps
  • Louder vocalization
  • Spends more time sleeping
  • Heightened sensitivity to scents and environmental temperature

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