What Is The Best Home For Pet Birds?

What Is The Best Home For Pet Birds

Even if pet birds are allowed to spend more time out of their enclosures, choosing the right cage and management are important, to ensure the bird’s health and wellbeing.

In selecting the cage, make sure to buy the biggest one you can afford. A long cage is preferable than a tall one. Most birds won’t be happy with cages that are tall and narrow. The cage should be designed with straight sides so it will be easier to clean.

It is not a good idea to put in various toys and furniture inside the cage for this can cause overcrowding. As for the cage floor, line it with clean sand, paper towels, or newspapers. Woodchips, grit, sawdust, shavings, or sandpaper is NOT recommended. The setup should be designed to prevent birds from getting in contact with their droppings.

The best perches are made from natural tree branches that should be replaced when soiled. Avoid using metal or plastic perches; using wooden dowels instead if tree branches are not available. Perches should not be placed over the bird’s food and water bowls, to avoid contamination.

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