Is Your Child Ready to Take Care of a Pet Snake?

Is Your Child Ready to Take Care of a Pet Snake

There’s nothing like a pet to teach a child responsibility. However, the lesson will be lost if your child isn’t prepared for the challenge. Is your child ready for a snake?

Your child’s developmental level

The age and development of your child should be considered. Very young children would likely enjoy having a snake around, but they won’t likely be the primary caregiver. In addition, very young kids may handle the animal incorrectly, which will ultimately stress it out.

Your child should also be old enough to understand what it means to be responsible. Snakes have to be fed on a regular basis. They require clean water at all times. Your kid will also have to make sure that the lid is secured tightly to the cage so his serpent can’t escape. If your little one is too young to do chores and doesn’t have the responsibility of homework, he may be too young for a reptile.

Your child’s expectations

If your child is ready for the responsibility of caring for an animal, you should next consider what your kid’s expectations are. Does your little one want a constant companion? Is he looking for an animal that enjoys being handled? If he’s looking for these things, it’s probably better to bring home a dog, cat, or pocket pet. If he is looking for a unique creature that he can admire in its cage, a snake might be the perfect choice. If you need help deciding what pet is best, visit with your local animal hospital.

Understanding a snake’s needs

Snakes require different care than a cat or dog does. When shopping for food for a furry friend, all it takes is a trip down the pet food aisle. Scaly animals are much different. Not only do they not eat every day, they require live or frozen prey. If your child isn’t ready to feed a live or dead mouse to his pet, you probably shouldn’t bring a slithery serpent home.

No matter what animal you choose, it’s always a good idea to schedule a checkup with your local animal hospital. Your vet can help make sure that your child has the knowledge he needs to become a fantastic pet owner.


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