Which Litter Box Is Right for Your Cat?

Which Litter Box Is Right for Your Cat

Litter training your cat is a must. Unfortunately, getting your furry friend to use the litter box isn’t always easy. Before you worry about litter brands, you first have to find a litter box that’s right for your pet.

Litter pans

Litter pans aren’t very popular with pet owners. Not only are they shallow, which means they don’t hold a lot of litter, they are also uncovered, which can leave your home looking and smelling unpleasant. However, professional vets do recommend basic litter pans in some situations.

Small kittens have a difficult time jumping in and out of deep litter boxes, and if the box isn’t easy to use, your tiny kitty isn’t likely to go potty there. A shallow pan makes litter training easy. Plus, you can switch out the shallow pan for a deeper litter box when your cat is fully grown.

Covered litter boxes

Most pet parents go straight for the covered litter box at the pet store. Not only does it provide a large, deep area for your cat to go potty, it also contains the look and smell of the waste that’s inside. They come in many styles that include corner boxes, top entry boxes, and even end tables that contain a hidden litter box.

In general, most cats are willing to put up with a covered litter box, but be wary of boxes with very little or no ventilation. Boxes with small entry holes or entry holes covered by flaps can contain the smell a little too well, which is offensive to your furry friend’s nostrils. If the box smells too bad, your pet will stop using it.

Self-scooping litter boxes

No one likes scooping the cat box, but it’s definitely something that needs to be done on a regular basis. Instead of bending down to get the job done yourself, consider a self-scooping litter box.

Although they are a bit pricy, the mechanism in this litter box immediately scoops the litter every single time your cat uses the box. The waste is then deposited in a sealed container that can easily be dumped in the garbage. Felines love the self-scooping litter box because waste is never allowed to pile up.

Still not sure which litter box to choose? Your vet can help you find the one that’s just right for your cat.


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