All about Hamster Playtime

All about Hamster Playtime.jpg

Everyone knows how important it is for cats and dogs to have plenty of playtime. Unfortunately, not everyone understands the importance of playtime for small caged critters. Here are some tips from a vet clinic on how to make sure your hamster gets the most out of playtime.

Fun in the cage

The easiest way to make sure that your hamster gets plenty of playtime is to make sure his cage is set up with the right accessories. Add new toys to the cage each week and try to remove a few old ones. Eventually, you can rotate old toys back into the cage, and since your furry friend hasn’t seen them in awhile, they will seem just like new!

Exercise is important to play as well. The simplest way to make sure your hamster gets the exercise he needs is to place a running wheel in his cage. Just make sure you purchase a wheel that is flat. Slatted metal wheels can quickly trap your pet’s feet and injure him.

Unfortunately, weaseling into tight spaces is also a favorite pastime of hamsters. That means you’ll have to make sure that the lid is properly secured to the top of his cage, if he’s in an aquarium. You may want to consider using carabineers if your pet lives in a metal cage.

Fun outside the cage

Living a life cooped up inside a cage isn’t very much fun. Bringing your pet outside of his cage to explore is a great way to provide him with some additional playtime. Plastic hamster balls are a great way to give your critter full reign throughout your home.

Setting up a play area can also be a lot of fun for your hamster. Just make sure you set up an area that is escape-proof by plugging holes that your furry friend could squeeze through. You should also protect electrical cords and anything else that you don’t want your critter chewing on. Set out some special toys and regular household items for your pet to explore. Even something as simple as toilet paper rolls can be extremely interesting!

Socialization is also important because it ensures that your pet enjoys playing with you. For tips on properly socializing your pet, or for more playtime ideas, call your local vet clinic.


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