Tips for Successfully Training Your Rabbit to Use a Litter Box

Tips for Successfully Training Your Rabbit to Use a Litter Box.jpg

Rabbits are a fun alternative to cats and dogs. The one thing about bunnies that turns many people off is the fact that they live in a cage that has to be cleaned regularly. However, these floppy eared critters can be taught to use the litter box, which makes cleanup extremely easy!

Here are some tips, according to a professional pet clinic, on how to train your bunny to use the litter box.

Consider spaying or neutering your rabbit

Just like cats and dogs, rabbits have the need to mark their territory. This means that they are likely to spray and drop pellets all over the cage, even when properly litter trained. Spaying or neutering your bunny will reduce these behaviors.

Fixing your bunnies can also help them get along better. Without the need to fulfil their sexual desires, they make better companions to each other.

Get a large litter box

There are a wide variety of sizes when it comes to litter boxes. You may be tempted to get a small one, since it takes up so much less space, but your rabbit needs to be able to lay in the box and turn around a full 360 degrees in order for it to be comfortable.

Get more than one

If the cage is particularly large, or if you like to let your bunnies out to play, it’s definitely worth it to invest in more than one. Line each box with rabbit-safe litter and pile hay on top of the litter. As strange as it may sound, these kooky critters love to snack and go potty at the same time!

Keep the litter box clean

No animal, be it cat, ferret, or bunny likes to use a dirty litter box. Rabbits are particularly adverse to a dirty box because they are extremely clean creatures. If you want your pet to use the box regularly, you have to clean it often.

Replace hay in the morning and evening, and strive to change out the litter in the box at least once every other day.

Even if your bunnies use the litter box, you still need to clean the entire cage at least once a week! For more tips on pet’s care, visit with your local pet clinic.


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