Special Care Considerations for Birds in the Winter

Birds can be difficult animals to care for because their requirements are so different from many other popular pets, like cats and dogs. Unfortunately, taking care of your feathered friend in the winter poses its own challenges, but with these tips from a professional vet clinic, you can be sure that your parrot will make it through the winter season happier and healthier than ever.

Feeding your bird the right foods

Most pet birds come from tropical climates, which can really make life difficult if you live in a cold weather climate. Making sure your parrot is happy throughout the winter starts with making sure he eats the right foods.

Vitamin A is important for a functioning uropygial gland, but giving your bird straight vitamin A doesn’t usually work out like you would think. Instead, make sure that your pet gets plenty of beta-carotene rich foods, like dark leafy greens and red vegetables, as beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A in the body.

Do you keep your home fairly cool in the winter? Make sure your parrot has the right nutrition to keep himself warm! Making homemade birdie bread is a great way to treat your pet, while cooked sweet potatoes and cooked pasta will boost your parrot’s calorie count too.

Humidity levels

Birds are used to living in a humid environment. In the summer, this isn’t a problem, but in the winter, things can get uncomfortable for your feathered friend fast.

The easiest way to fix this problem is to make sure there is a humidifier in your pet’s room. Birds require regular baths, but an extra bath every now and then in the winter can help cut back on the effects of dry air as well.

Light exposure

Tropical environments generally get about 12 hours of sunlight all year long. Here in the US, the winter months can bring far fewer precious daylight hours, which is why you might have to consider providing your bird with full spectrum lighting. Opening the windows to let the sunlight in during the day is also a great way to boost your pet’s, and your, mood.

Still having trouble keeping your bird in good spirits this winter? Schedule an appointment with your local vet clinic and they can provide you with more advice about pet’s health.


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