What to Do If Your Pet Gerbil Is Feeling under the Weather

No matter how big or small, every pet can feel ill from time to time. The challenge is in knowing exactly what to do when your companion doesn’t feel well. This can be especially difficult if you are dealing with a small caged critter, like a gerbil, but when you’re armed with these tips, you can rest assured that your furry friend will feel better in no time.

Call your veterinarian

It all starts with calling your veterinarian. Because gerbils are prey animals, they are very good at hiding their symptoms. That means, by the time you notice that something is wrong, your furry friend really doesn’t feel well at all.

A professional veterinarian can narrow down the possibilities and provide you with care tips that will ensure your gerbil gets back on his feet quickly.

Separate your sick gerbil

As soon as you notice that there’s a problem, it’s important that you separate the gerbil that appears ill. There are many illnesses that are contagious, so by quarantining your furry friend, you can prevent your other pets from falling ill too.

Not only can you keep your other gerbils from getting ill, but separating your pet from the pack can help him recover more quickly. It allows him plenty of peace and quiet to get over his illness fast.

Pay special attention to the cage environment

Just like humans, gerbils can become a bit chilled when they don’t feel very good. To help your pet feel more comfortable, try and increase the temperature of his cage by about 10 degrees. You can place a heating lamp above the cage or place a heating pad underneath the cage.

You should also pay attention to humidity levels. Gerbils are particularly prone to skin infections that are exacerbated by humid conditions. If it is a bit humid, consider purchasing a dehumidifier.

The right food and plenty of water

If your gerbil isn’t eating very much, try feeding him a bit of strained creamed corn. You can also encourage him to drink more water by using a syringe.

Want to learn more about helping your gerbil get over an illness? Your local veterinarian can provide you with additional pet tips and tricks.


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