What You Need to Know about the Perfect Cage for Your New Gerbil

When you think about small caged critters, you’re likely to think of hamsters. Even rabbits and guinea pigs are more likely to come to mind than the gerbil, but the fact is, this curious little creature makes an outstanding pet!

If you decide to bring a gerbil home, you’ll be surprised at just how entertaining, friendly, and interactive this animal can be. Set your new pet up for a lifetime of health and happiness by creating the perfect environment.

The cage

You have to choose the right cage first. Both aquariums and metal barred cages work well for gerbils, although metal cages are best because they provide the most ventilation. If you do decide to go with an aquarium, make sure the lid fits securely. You don’t want your pet to escape!

Even though plastic cages may be appealing because they have multiple levels and colorful accessories, these types of cages aren’t a good choice. With very little work, your gerbil can chew right through the plastic!


Choosing the right bedding is extremely important too. There are many options at your pet store, and most of these options will work quite well. The trick is in finding a bedding type that is nearly dust free. For a professional recommendation, contact your local pet clinic.

If you’re looking to save a little money, you can shred plain white paper to use as bedding. You can also buy fluffy cotton that’s perfect for your gerbil’s sleeping area. Don’t forget a nesting box so your little critter has a place to hide!

Toys and accessories

Gerbils are curious creatures, so it is important that you provide your pet with plenty of fun toys! A running wheel is always a good thing to include in your critter’s cage. Just make sure you choose one with a flat bottom. Slatted running wheels can trap your rodent’s little feet and twist his ankles.

There should be plenty of things for your gerbil to chew. Toilet paper tubes, small cardboard boxes, and wooden toys are all good choices. Rotate his toys so that there’s always something new for him to explore.

Don’t forget the food bowl and water bottle! For a complete list of gerbil cage accessories, visit with your local pet clinic and know more about animal health tips.


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