Tips for Making Sure Your Rabbit Is Properly Socialized

Whether you have a cat, a dog, or a hamster, every pet has to be properly socialized. This is especially true for rabbits. Fortunately, socializing your new bunny isn’t as difficult as it may seem, as long as you follow these tips from a professional animal hospital.

Place your rabbit’s cage in your home carefully

You may not think cage placement is a very big deal, but it is essential when it comes to making sure your new pet becomes socialized to your family. If your new bunny is the only one in your home, it is important that you place his cage in a common area.

Rabbits are extremely social, which means they must interact regularly with other people and animals in order to be happy. If your pet lives in a spare bedroom all alone, he likely won’t be friendly when you approach him.

Consider adopting more than one rabbit

Rabbits can live alone, but only if you or someone in your family is always around to provide him with companionship. If the house is empty for many hours each day, it’s best if you provide your bunny with a friend.

When allowed to live with another animal, you can be a bit more flexible about cage placement. Having a companion will make sure your rabbit is active and happy, which will make socialization much easier.

Provide plenty of playtime

Rabbits are curious creatures, and if they aren’t allowed to explore their interests, they become restless and turn into troublemakers. To make sure your bunny is properly socialized, provide him with fun things to do!

Put plenty of fun toys in his cage and rotate them often so that your rabbit maintains interest in them. Crumpled up balls of paper, cardboard that can be shredded, and even cat toys make great playtime objects for bunnies!

But that’s not all! A happy, properly socialized animal is one that is allowed to play outside the cage. Bunny-proof an area of your home so he can do a bit of exploring, or set up a pen outside so he can frolic in the grass. This is also a great time to socialize your rabbit to other pets in your home!

If you’re looking for even more socialization animal tips, call your local animal hospital.


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