Tips for Retraining an Older, Rehomed Bird

Every bird deserves a forever home! But, because some parrots can live for decades, and they can be quite the troublemakers, some pet parents find that their feathery friend is just too much to handle. This results in rehomed animals.

If you’re ready to adopt a bird, you might be interested in adopting an older animal. There’s great news! Any veterinarian would tell you that an older, rehomed parrot can still be trained. Here are a few tips for doing just that.

Create a safe environment

Unfortunately, many birds are rehomed because they grew up and spent years living in an unsafe environment. Even if the environment was safe, the animal may not have had a loving and caring family, which results in distrust and fear.

The first order of business when adopting an older bird is to show him that he’s now living in a safe, supportive environment. Keep a quiet, calm household. Even spending some time reading aloud to your parrot can help him get used to your voice and the energy in his new home!

Work on building a positive relationship

Once your bird feels safe in his new home, it’s time to starting building a positive relationship. Don’t get discouraged if it’s slow going at first. Even tiny improvements count!

Respect your bird’s boundaries. If he makes it clear that he isn’t interested in your attention, back off. Start with small sessions at first and provide your pet with plenty of treats. Don’t yell at your feathered friend, even if you get frustrated. As he becomes more comfortable and happy, your relationship will improve.

Start with small tricks first

When you have successfully created a safe atmosphere and you have a positive relationship, it’s time to start teaching tricks, but it’s important that you start small.

Begin with perch training first. Reward your bird every time he steps up onto your hand or down onto his perch on his own. He will quickly learn to repeat this behavior, which makes handling your pet much easier. Once you’ve mastered this trick, you can move on to more complex tricks.

Retraining your bird is a lot easier if he’s healthy, which is why you should schedule regular appointments with your local veterinarian to know pet care tips.


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