Why a Ferret Might Suddenly Stop Using the Litter Box

One great thing about having ferrets is that they can be trained to use the litter box! Unfortunately, just because your pet uses the litter box today doesn’t mean he will tomorrow.

Here are a few reasons why a ferret might stop using the litter box, according to a professional vet clinic.

Testing boundaries

A lot of people underestimate just how intelligent ferrets are. They are a lot like children in that they love testing boundaries.

One way ferrets test boundaries is by going potty outside the litter box to see what happens. The trouble is, you’re likely to remove your pet from the cage so that you can clean his new potty spot. This only teaches him to keep going to the bathroom outside the box!

To fix the problem, try placing your pet in his litter box throughout the day and reward him with a treat if he goes potty. Whatever you do, don’t let him out of the cage to clean up his mess!

Trouble with the litter and the box

Just like cats, ferrets can be extremely picky about their litter box and the litter inside it. If you’ve changed the litter recently, your pet may not like the new brand.

The litter box might be too small, which is likely the case if you bought the box when your ferret was still growing. It’s also possible that the box is too big. If it’s hard to climb inside, your pet may choose to go potty somewhere else!

The box is too dirty or too clean

Ferrets may be smelly, but they don’t like being dirty. If the box is too full, your pet may decide not to use it. Make sure you scoop it at least once a day, but twice a day is best.

As weird as it may sound, the opposite problem can also be the case. If the box is too clean, your furry friend may not understand what it’s for! When you clean out the box, make sure you leave a little waste behind. That way, your ferret recognizes the litter box for what it is.

There are some medical reasons why your ferret might stop using the litter box. To rule out this possibility, schedule an appointment with your local vet clinic.


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