Common Cockatoo Frustrations

Birds may not be the most popular pet in the United States, but they can enhance your life just like a dog or a cat can. However, dealing with a parrot is a lot different than dealing with a four legged friend. Before you bring a cockatoo home, make sure you consider these common frustrations as outlined by a professional pet clinic.

Having a cockatoo is like having a toddler around that never grows up

Each cockatoo is a unique individual with different habits and preferences. They can be exceptionally loveable, but they can also throw fits, make noises, and create messes that would shame any toddler.

Before you bring home a cockatoo, it is important to understand that your house will never be as clean as it once was. Even after you spend the afternoon cleaning up feather dust, chewed up pieces of toys and treats, and spilled food, you’ll discover that your bird has made a mural on the counter with the fruits and vegetables that were supposed to be a treat.

Sometimes cockatoos are quiet as a mouse, and other times they’re so loud you’ll think the fire alarm is going off. When it comes to dealing with a bird, it’s a lot like dealing with a small child.

Your cockatoo may not like you the best

No matter how much time you spend trying to bond with your bird, he ultimately decides who he prefers. Unfortunately, who he decides to favor has nothing to do with how much time you spend together, how nice you are, or how many treats you give him.

If your cockatoo prefers someone else in your home, don’t take it personally. Birds need many different kinds of relationships, so you’re likely to fill an important role in his life, even if you aren’t his favorite.

Everything belongs to your cockatoo

Have a beloved item that’s all yours? Think again. Literally everything in your home belongs to your cockatoo. No matter how much you work with your bird, if he gets curious, every item in your home is at risk. That’s why providing your pet with supervision is so important.

Even though cockatoos can be annoying, they are also entertaining, and they can build meaningful relationships with their owners. To learn more about this fascinating bird, visit with your pet clinic for pet tips.


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